How do you spend your time at home?

Few incidents can have such a profound impact on all countries in the world. We are aware that the Novel Coronavirus and related actions are impacting millions of individuals around the world. Under this epidemic, we’ve created a section to restore the true feelings and reactions of consumers.

With the continuous advancement of the COVID-19 crisis, and the self-isolation and social alienation in the United States and Europe, the vast majority of consumers have turned to e-commerce shopping, Buy products that meet current needs. Online sales of consumer packaged goods rose 91 percent year over year in the US during the week ending March 14, according to Nielsen, and that data doesn’t even capture what’s happened as more US metro areas have issued stay-at-home orders in the weeks since. This is because, as time goes by, the incidence of coronavirus continues to rise, and many consumers now avoid even going to local grocery stores, even if they are in a hurry.

Amazon has updated its homepage to focus less on products and more on content, such as music, movies, TV streaming, and books, to reduce shipping delays for necessities caused by the flood of new orders.

According to the Marketplace Pulse data, since the end of February, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, N95 masks, and thermometers are not reduced demand for such necessities. However, these results have no prime shipping, even no goods in stock.

On the other hand, sellers of toys and games, electronics, books, and other categories also experienced a surge in sales when customers were at home.

Let’s take a deeper look at the impact of COVID-19 on Amazon’s consumer trends. According to the data from March 28-29, 2020, the following products on amazon are among the top sellers in the video game console and accessories categories.

01# Portable Monitor – Lepow 15.6 Inch Portable Monitor

Lepow USB C 1920*1080 portable monitor delivers a truly immersive viewing experience that lets you enjoy High-Definition entertainment and gaming. With a slim 0.3-inch profile and just 1.76 pounds, Lepow 15.6 inch portable monitor is ideal for your life and work to make a simple setup. Full HD IPS screen use eye protection that keeps your eyes from getting tired during prolonged use.

Mini HDMI & USB C ports design makes this portable gaming monitor more convenient to connect your laptop, smartphone, PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, or Nintendo Switch, etc. It’s ideal for extending your screen or playing games on business trips, or home entertainment. If you are a person who loves to play games with a big screen, this gaming monitor also is one of the leading choices to play your XBOX, PS3/4, Wii or Nintendo Switch.

02# The Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US

Experience total control in your hand, no matter what game you play. Designed to provide the edge you need in MOBA/MMO gameplay, the Razer Naga Trinity lets you configure your mouse for everything from weapons to build customizations. Modular MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse With 3 Side Plates.

Experience total control in your hand, no matter what game you play. Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy: Small, tactile bumps increases grip and allows for more controlled scrolling in high-stakes gaming situations. Setup with a Razer keyboard, mouse mat, and headset for the ultimate gaming experience.

03# Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel for Xbox One

G920 delivers the look, feel and durability of a real racecar wheel. With 900-degree lock-to-lock rotation, you can turn the wheel two and half times—the same as a racecar wheel. Accelerate, brake and change gears with the feel of an actual car. Combine G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel with the Driving Force Shifter for a complete rig, delivering an incredibly realistic racing experience.

Experience your Xbox One and select PC racing titles like never before with the advanced driving simulation and realism of G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel and pedals.

04# A Revolutionary Way to Play Your Nintendo Switch! (Officially Licensed by Nintendo)

Enjoy the full-size controller experience in handheld mode with the HORI Split Pad Pro. Featuring full-size analog sticks, a precision D-pad, and large shoulder buttons designed for comfort and accuracy, even during marathon gaming sessions. Advanced features include programmable rear triggers, Turbo functionally, assignable buttons, and more.

Perfect for high-pace action titles such as Daemon X Machina and many other Nintendo Switch titles. Hurry up! Enhance your gaming experience with the Split Pad Pro!

05# The Comfortable Feeling – BENGOO G9000 Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset

BENGOO G9000 Headset is a primary kind of gaming headset for PlayStation 4, Xbox one PC, Laptop and Mac Games which brings you vivid sound field, sound clarity, and sound shock feeling, capable of various games like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, EA Sports UFC, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, etc.

Concise structure, light weight when playing games, high-grade material let it keep strongly practicality Soft design tell you how is unbreakable. Its super soft Over-ear pads are more comfortable for long time wear, and it is a great headphone especially perfect for gamer!

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