This small furniture is too popular on Amazon

This COVID-19 epidemic is too crazy. If it is not stay at home, I believe that the laptop table will not have such a large market. Being at your desk all the time is obviously too uncomfortable because you have to work from home for so long.  When it comes to sofas, balconies, or any other comfortable place to work, it’s important to have a portable laptop desk that you can move around at will and, importantly, relieve fatigue.

In Google Trends, the search volume of laptop stand, laptop stand, laptop table, laptop cooling pad, laptop cooling pad, folding table, and laptop desks has steadily increased in recent months.

Laptop desks have been popular on amazon for two months, with a number of related products appearing on the company’s soaring list of computer accessories and office supplies.

There are so many different types of laptop desks. We can look at some of the more popular products in several related categories.

The Best Seller in the Lap Desks category, is a can be placed in the knee on the bench, is actually a bamboo panel with a cushion for leaning on, the inside of the back cushion padding is small granular, conducive to the smooth on his knees, optional on the sofa at ordinary times, need when picked up can be a table directly, panel above and grooves can put a mobile phone.

The first in the new product list of the Lap Desks category is a folding table. The desktop is divided into two parts. One part can adjust the tilt Angle, keep a notebook right Angle, below the article and gear to prevent computer down, the other part is fixed, can put a mouse mat, cup and so on. There is also a small drawer on the side for office gadgets. Can be used on the bed, sofa, ground, also can fold up after use convenient deposit.

In the category of Laptop Stands, Best Seller is an aluminum laptop stand, which is mainly used to raise the laptop to a height suitable for the eye level to prevent hunchback when using the computer, thereby reducing neck and shoulder pain, And it can be overhead to allow the notebook computer to dissipate heat better, but the angle cannot be adjusted, and the function is relatively simple.

Another similar item, with the Amazon’s Choice logo, the biggest difference from the best-selling one is that this is more like a laptop lift, which can adjust the angle and height to a suitable position, and can bear up to 20 kg. The position where you touch the computer is protected by a rubber pad, which not only keeps the computer stable, but also protects the computer from any scratches.

Without any tools, you can change the height and angle by pushing up and down at will, which can correct the sitting posture and help reduce neck pain, back pain and eye fatigue caused by working on the computer for a long time.

Laptop cooling pad also with the wave of isolation increased sales. This product ranks no.1 in the category of Laptop Cooling Pads & External Fans Best Seller, and has accumulated more than 11,000 reviews so far, making it a rechargeable product. The panel is made of metal, and the product is mainly used for cooling the laptop computer, so the cooling efficiency is the primary concern of consumers. In addition, it should be portable, lightweight, durable, adjustable height and other features. Because it relies on three fans for cooling, consumers will pay more attention to whether there is no noise.

The product currently ranked first in the new product list of the Laptop Cooling Pads & External Fans category is also a metal panel, with a built-in large fan to dissipate heat, and the wind speed can be adjusted by itself. There is a bracket behind the cooling pad to provide 7 kinds of height angles In addition, there is a non-slip baffle to prevent the whole cooling pad from sliding forward when the bracket angle is large. In addition, the top and bottom of the cooling pad are installed with atmosphere rainbow lights, lights can be switched on and off independently.

There is also an upgraded version of the notebook computer table, which combines fan cooling, folding, lifting and other multiple functions. This product is currently ranked first in the new product list of the Laptop Stands category. It has also seen a soaring index of 2800% in the soaring list. In addition, there are multiple same products in the new product list.

This aluminum notebook computer table is equipped with a large cooling fan and a removable mouse pad. The two boards on which the computer is placed and the mouse are separated. The user experience is very user-friendly. The desktop can be rotated 360 degrees. 3 knobs, various height and angle combinations from bottom to top can be adjusted at will, can be completely folded down and stored flat.

Whether you are reading a book or a computer, you can use it on a sofa, floor, table, or bed, and adjust it to the most comfortable angle to prevent fatigue.

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