How do you live an elegant life for long-term business trips?

Long-term business trips do bring a lot of uncomfortable places for people, and there is no way to live elegantly, but some essential items can make you a little more comfortable. If you are on a business trip with a portable display, you can easily connect the laptop as a secondary screen, or connect to the Switch to play games in the hotel.

Portable displays are still very advantageous, especially when traveling on business. It can eliminate the need to bring the base and HDMI cable to the hotel to connect to the hotel TV. Sometimes even these devices may not be used because some hotel TVs are too old or the back panel is hidden. The inability to connect inside the wall is really frustrating.

In addition to playing games, portable displays are also an important tool for connecting laptops to expand the screen. It’s impossible for someone to provide a monitor for use during a business trip. When communicating with a customer, you can often show this screen to the customer, look at the laptop screen, and then start to explain the plan and so on.

Some portable monitors support a 90-degree flip display after connecting to MacBook Pro so that the monitor can be used upright. What are the benefits of using it upright? One is that the content of the display code is more, and you can see more lines on one screen; the other is that you are more comfortable when writing a manuscript, and you can browse more content written by yourself on one screen. The other is browsing the web and viewing documents can bring a good experience.

The portable display focuses on portability. In addition to carrying it when going out, it can also be easily moved anywhere at home. When the LD needs to occupy the desk, you can pick up the portable display and NS to directly transfer to the bedroom or living room for use.

You can easily transfer the game position at home, and you can improve your efficiency by staying at the office of the client when going out. Not to mention the long-term business trip, it is simply a tool for entertainment. For long-term business trips, you will generally consider dragging a small box, putting it in a portable monitor, enough changes of clothes, and other messy things, and then putting your computer on your back is OK!

How to choose a portable screen?

Color/Brightness/Contrast/Viewing Angle – When buying a monitor, you still have to look at the quality of the screen first, otherwise, the purchased screen will not be good if the color is distorted except for the picture, but if it is mainly used for games or writing documents, It has little effect. The portable displays currently are known are generally only 72% NTSC wide color gamut, and a slightly better one will provide 100% NTSC wide color gamut and HDR so that you need to understand the color first when choosing. In terms of brightness, the brightness of the current portable display is not too high, and it can reach 500 cd/m². It is basically none, but it is better to choose high brightness when choosing.

Resolution and size – Since the portable monitor is to be used as a mobile office or playing games, I personally think that a slightly larger one would look better. However, the current common size is basically 15.6 inches, which is more suitable for carrying and not too small. However, there are also smaller ones, such as 13.3-inch or 11-inch. Although the small size improves portability, the user experience is still discounted. It is better to buy a 15.6-inch one first.

The interface – The richness of the interface is more important. Some portable display interfaces do not have mini-HDMI. When using it, they can only connect to Type-C output devices. Other devices cannot be used. This is a disadvantage. However, the better part of Type-C is that it can be powered directly through the C port, and no additional power supply is required. If there is only a drop or mini-HDMI interface, the portable display must be connected to an additional power source during use, which is not very good. In addition to the display interface, you also need to consider whether there is an additional C port or A port for data transmission, which can be connected to a mobile hard disk or a U disk. In short, those who choose a rich interface will not suffer.

Bonus points – For example, if it supports high refresh rate, it will definitely be more enjoyable to play games; for example, the built-in external speaker is better, at least you can enjoy background music when playing games; for example, it comes with a back bracket and is in use There is no need to carry an extra bracket, which saves a certain amount of trouble; for example, ten-point touch control may not be very useful; for example, it is compatible with multiple devices and can be directly connected to mainstream devices such as Switch, mobile phone, PS4 and so on.

Is there a recommended portable display?

Of course. Here are 5 best portable monitors for laptop 2020. Let’s take a look.

1# 15.6 FHD 1080p Portable monitor with touch screen monitor for Ps4 Xbox Switch gaming laptop PC phone display LCD screen touch

The portable monitor offers an excellent Live-stream experience with Full HD 1920 * 1080 resolution. Equipped with IPS screen, contrast: 1000:1; Brightness: 250cd/m. Quality remains the same even with enlargements and gaming. Expanded screen and copy display two modes.

The portable monitor offers an excellentPortable monitor is only 5mm, for easy carrying outdoors. It is the ideal companion for on the go at work, on vacation and in leisure time. Protect this monitor with a leather case and support it while standing. Suitable for business people or long trips.

Compatible with multiple HDMI devices: PS3 / PS4 / XBOX360 / XBOX ONE / XBOX ONES, computer, laptop, camera (transmission adapter required), etc. You can connect this monitor to your PC using an HDMI cable connect, PS3 and other devices with dual-screen displays offer the best work and gaming experience.

2# Ultra 15.6 inch 4K portable monitor IPS screen HDMI DP for laptop Ps4 Xbox raspberry pi gaming camera TV aluminum alloy shell

4K HDR TouchScreen, 3840 x 2160 SuperClear IPS A-grade Touchscreen, 10 point touchscreen with touch menu, 72% NTSC color gamut, HDR, FreeSync, 160° Wide viewing angle. Support 12 languages. DIGITBLUE monitor provides 2 Full Feature mini HDMI ports and 1 DP port. Perfect for Phone Apps with Portrait Full-Size Display. Folding Kickstand makes it easy to work at both Landscape and Portrait mode.

3#  Ultra thin 15.6 portable Vertical monitor 1080P LED screen Type-C HDMI for andorid smart phone (Huawei Samsung phone) Macbook Ps4 Switch Xbox gaming monitor 

First Monitor with Gravity Sensor Automatic Rotation. When connected to the mobile phone or laptop, the monitor will sense product direction, and automatically switched display into horizontally or vertically according to the product’s position, which improves the work efficiency and entertainment more humanely. Note: The monitor will take around 3s to sense product direction, and it can only rotate 90 degrees at a time. If it does not rotate correctly, please reset the rotation on the menu.

The Perfect 1080P Touchscreen Portable Monitor is notable for its super-slim 6 mm profile and makes the perfect travel companion. Adjustable Bracket Integrated makes it becomes to be one of the most lightweight and compact on-the-go external monitors available today, satisfy your daily screen needs on the job in every situation. A slim and compact extension monitor that serves as your business and personal travel companion.

4# Ultra thin 13.3″ inch 3K Type-C portable monitor for phone laptop PS4 Switch Xbox gaming monitors LED screen display USB C HDMI

This ultra-thin 13.3″ inch 3K Type-C portable monitor adopts well-known LED IPS screen panel, 3840 x 2160 resolution & 60HZ refresh rate, 400cd/m2,give high-definition textured pixels.True color display for stunning precision (16.7M(8-bit),72% NTSC), and a view angle of 178°.The FHD Display delivers incredibly smooth, life-like visuals—whether you’re gaming, watching video or editing photo.

DIGITBLUE monitor comes with a durable PU leather smart cover that can fold into different positions to create a stand of reading, typing, or watching. A screen protector makes it fully protective. The circular hole unique design allows you to use a pen as a stand, It also makes the display even easier to carry around, you can travel with just the screen and the pen.

5# Cheap 13.3″ 2K IPS Portable Monitor LCD Screen for Ps4 Xbox Gaming Laptop External Monitors HDMI Extended Display Computer LED

This is 13.3″ inch Mini HDMI Portable Monitor, with 2560 x 1600 high definition resolution, 400cd/m2 ( Typ.) Brightness and 178° degrees display full view, HDR true color (16.7M Colors), clear picture, and delicate colors. Match with most HDMI devices, power, and video output with just one HDMI cable, simple operation, and space-saving.

A portable mobile monitor, mini size lightweight, with strikingly thin of 1cm and only 1.65lbs ultra-lightweight to carry, a good choice of frequent travelers and business.

Wide compatible and driverless, compatible with most HDMI input device, and no need extra driver, it can use Andriod, Linux, Windows, and IOS. Support HDR, provide better color rendering, greatly enhance the realism of games and movies.

If you are preparing to purchase a led portable monitor recently, you can really seriously consider the above five models. There is always one that will satisfy you.

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