How to put yourself into work and study efficiently and comfortably

The monitor has become an indispensable electronic product in daily life. Whether you are using it for word processing, e-sports games, or high-end video image processing, you cannot do without the help of the monitor, but how to choose a monitor that suits you is also Many people’s problems.

Compared with the advertising of electronic products such as mobile phones or notebooks, and mutual introductions between colleagues and friends, it is not difficult to easily find a mobile phone that you like and useful. Among them, the display is often the most overlooked, but it is also one of the electronic products that many people use every day.

Sitting for a long time is not a small test for the neck and eyes. A monitor that supports multi-directional adjustment allows us to work more comfortably. Programmers should have a deep understanding of this, such as the vertical 90-degree vertical screen mode. Reporting, writing code, making long graphs, and browsing the web are all very comfortable. In addition, long-term office work can easily cause eye swelling, and eye protection technologies such as non-flashing and blue light filtering are also necessary, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue caused by the long-term office.

I believe that there are many designers who want to equip themselves with a useful display, which can not only better meet the work needs, but also reduce the burden on their bodies. The most basic, the display allows us to have a larger display space, which can be used for multitasking or to place more windows side by side. The dual-screen doubles the area we can use for operation and can display more content.

The easiest way to achieve dual screens is to use the laptop’s native screen. Of course, if you want to work more efficiently, two monitors are the best choice. Usually, during work, we will open the design software on the main screen, and the secondary screen will place WeChat, documents, reference pictures, etc. On the one hand, the time wasted to switch pages repeatedly is minimized, and on the other hand, a more immersive work interface can be obtained, and work efficiency is naturally improved.

The laptop is connected to a convenient display so that users can get rid of the small screen of the current laptop, and have a more comfortable experience when playing games or watching movies. Connecting a convenient monitor, on the one hand, provides a better display effect and solves the problem of insufficient resolution. On the other hand, it can also work with split screens, which is the most convenient way to improve work efficiency.

When the laptop is connected to an external monitor, you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously without any obstacles. You can freely perform different operations on two or even three different screens. For example, on the external screen, you can display work-related reports; at the same time, on the laptop, you can still freely listen to your favorite music, browse the Internet, and so on.

In addition, it can be used as a mobile game screen output, not only can enlarge the entire game interface, but also has a protective effect on the cervical spine, and you will not feel neck pain after long-term operation. It can minimize eye strain when spending a long time in front of the display. The non-flicker technology of the convenient display helps reduce screen flicker and provides a more comfortable viewing experience, which is almost a must for displays now.

Is there a recommended portable display?

Of course. Here are 5 best portable monitors for laptop 2020. Let’s take a look.

1# 15.6 FHD 1080p Portable monitor with touch screen monitor for Ps4 Xbox Switch gaming laptop PC phone display LCD screen touch

The portable monitor offers an excellent Live-stream experience with Full HD 1920 * 1080 resolution. Equipped with IPS screen, contrast: 1000:1; Brightness: 250cd/m. Quality remains the same even with enlargements and gaming. Expanded screen and copy display two modes.

The portable monitor offers an excellentPortable monitor is only 5mm, for easy carrying outdoors. It is the ideal companion for on the go at work, on vacation and in leisure time. Protect this monitor with a leather case and support it while standing. Suitable for business people or long trips.

Compatible with multiple HDMI devices: PS3 / PS4 / XBOX360 / XBOX ONE / XBOX ONES, computer, laptop, camera (transmission adapter required), etc. You can connect this monitor to your PC using an HDMI cable connect, PS3 and other devices with dual-screen displays offer the best work and gaming experience.

2# Ultra 15.6 inch 4K portable monitor IPS screen HDMI DP for laptop Ps4 Xbox raspberry pi gaming camera TV aluminum alloy shell

4K HDR TouchScreen, 3840 x 2160 SuperClear IPS A-grade Touchscreen, 10 point touchscreen with touch menu, 72% NTSC color gamut, HDR, FreeSync, 160° Wide viewing angle. Support 12 languages. DIGITBLUE monitor provides 2 Full Feature mini HDMI ports and 1 DP port. Perfect for Phone Apps with Portrait Full-Size Display. Folding Kickstand makes it easy to work at both Landscape and Portrait mode.

3#  Ultra thin 15.6 portable Vertical monitor 1080P LED screen Type-C HDMI for andorid smart phone (Huawei Samsung phone) Macbook Ps4 Switch Xbox gaming monitor 

First Monitor with Gravity Sensor Automatic Rotation. When connected to the mobile phone or laptop, the monitor will sense product direction, and automatically switched display into horizontally or vertically according to the product’s position, which improves the work efficiency and entertainment more humanely. Note: The monitor will take around 3s to sense product direction, and it can only rotate 90 degrees at a time. If it does not rotate correctly, please reset the rotation on the menu.

The Perfect 1080P Touchscreen Portable Monitor is notable for its super-slim 6 mm profile and makes the perfect travel companion. Adjustable Bracket Integrated makes it becomes to be one of the most lightweight and compact on-the-go external monitors available today, satisfy your daily screen needs on the job in every situation. A slim and compact extension monitor that serves as your business and personal travel companion.

4# Ultra thin 13.3″ inch 3K Type-C portable monitor for phone laptop PS4 Switch Xbox gaming monitors LED screen display USB C HDMI

This ultra-thin 13.3″ inch 3K Type-C portable monitor adopts well-known LED IPS screen panel, 3840 x 2160 resolution & 60HZ refresh rate, 400cd/m2,give high-definition textured pixels.True color display for stunning precision (16.7M(8-bit),72% NTSC), and a view angle of 178°.The FHD Display delivers incredibly smooth, life-like visuals—whether you’re gaming, watching video or editing photo.

DIGITBLUE monitor comes with a durable PU leather smart cover that can fold into different positions to create a stand of reading, typing, or watching. A screen protector makes it fully protective. The circular hole unique design allows you to use a pen as a stand, It also makes the display even easier to carry around, you can travel with just the screen and the pen.

5# Cheap 13.3″ 2K IPS Portable Monitor LCD Screen for Ps4 Xbox Gaming Laptop External Monitors HDMI Extended Display Computer LED

This is 13.3″ inch Mini HDMI Portable Monitor, with 2560 x 1600 high definition resolution, 400cd/m2 ( Typ.) Brightness and 178° degrees display full view, HDR true color (16.7M Colors), clear picture, and delicate colors. Match with most HDMI devices, power, and video output with just one HDMI cable, simple operation, and space-saving.

A portable mobile monitor, mini size lightweight, with strikingly thin of 1cm and only 1.65lbs ultra-lightweight to carry, a good choice of frequent travelers and business.

Wide compatible and driverless, compatible with most HDMI input device, and no need extra driver, it can use Andriod, Linux, Windows, and IOS. Support HDR, provide better color rendering, greatly enhance the realism of games and movies.

If you are preparing to purchase a led portable monitor recently, you can really seriously consider the above five models. There is always one that will satisfy you.

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